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New Patient Reviews

“I always sleep like a log after my adjustments with Dr. Leck.”

Fran B.

“Really liked the visit and the helpful staff and their professionalism. Had already heard very good reviews about them and my visit proved the reviews and I decided to continue my treatment. Thank you and looking forward to the visits.”

Shashi P.

“I was extremely impressed with the entire staff from the secretary to Dr. Leck’s assistant. to Dr. Leck. Dr. Leck welcomed my husband and explained everything to both of us. He asked my husband to come back for my first adjustment so he could see what he was doing and the difference. I also like the information session he had in the evening for all new patients. It was extremely informative. Every appointment I am welcomed and Dr. Leck always goes over exactly what he is doing. I feel the entire team wants me to get better and I matter. This is a wonderful feeling and I know I will get better.”


“From the greeting on the phone which was my first contact with the office, right up to my second adjustment with Dr. Leck which was today, I have felt listened to and validated. I look forward to a healing and hopeful relationship going forward.”

Michelle P.

“You guys are awesome professionals! I wish that all my medical care experiences were this positive.”

Ramesh N.

“I came to see Dr. Leck in October 2013 and this has been one of the best decisions of my life!

I came with chronic knee pain that prevented me from doing the things that I love, and often even things like doing groceries or walking to the subway.

My sleepless nights in pain have been replaced with nights of salsa dancing and early mornings of tennis games or running routines. I can’t even believe that here I am, 1 ½ years later, telling you about my dancing, jumping, running and tennis. I feel like I’ve got my life back, thanks to Dr. Leck and his wonderful team.

And, by the way, I’m not a bad tennis player or salsa dancer at all!”

Diana R.

“Very professional, caring staff. Haven’t been there long but I’m noticing some positive changes in my physical condition.”

Paulette L.

“You guys are very friendly, and helpful. I also liked the comment in your 10 ways to help us help you about attend to spiritual matters. I am glad that you guys include God in your practice.”

Susan P.

“I brought my newborn in because she was having difficulty latching, and after just a few adjustments the latching had improved immensely. As a bonus, we managed to nip colic in the bud.”

April M.

“Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and always addressed me by name. This helped to make me feel comfortable and welcome. I am very hopeful that after trying numerous other avenues, Dr. Leck and his team will be able to help me back to wellness.”

Karen S.

“Activator method is an amazing way to have your spine and nervous system analyzed.”

Pauli P.

“I love to be adjusted with the chiropractic instrument. It is so specific, gentle and effective.”

Cathy L.

“This doctor a truly gifted chiropractor, kind, gentle, very knowledgeable.”

Karen B.

“I believe the secret to a long, healthy, happy quality of life is through chiropractic care.”

Don B.

“He’s not given me a quick fix to deal with pain, he’s retrained my body to realign in a way that supports my wellbeing. I am eternally grateful to this great team!”

Diana R.

“Chiropractic care has allowed me to maintain an optimum level of health.”

Abby L.

“I was impressed by the thoroughness of information collected and tests performed. I also appreciated access to online forms that I could complete at home.”

Kathleen O.

“You have a great staff and everyone is very helpful and kind.”

Carol S.